Rose Glow Up Trial Set (ETA 1 Week)

Rose Glow Up Trial Set (ETA 1 Week)

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This trial set consists of:

Rose Gel Moisturiser (5gm)

Rose Make Up Melter (10ml)

Rose Youth Serum (5ml)

This set is perfect for…..

✅ Those who wants to try but want to get a smaller size first to see if it suits you. 
✅ Give this as a gift to your loved ones!

✅ Already a Ferrarossa user & wants to get the set for refills to easily store in bag etcs! 
✅ Perfect for staycations/ travels! 

It’s a really a set meant for everyone! ♥️


    **Please Take note this order is PRE-ORDER basis. ETA 1-2 Weeks upon payment is made.